Finishing Touches for Your Bathroom

February 27, 2017


Personalize your bathroom by adding finishing touches to it that incorporate your personality and decor taste. Here are three apartment living tips on how to add finishing touches to your bathroom that will showcase your personality.

  • A large letter representing your first or last name would be the perfect finishing touch for your bathroom. Lean your letter against a window, or display it on a shelve to give your bathroom a chic, personalized look.
  • Create your own storage unit with pieces that represent your taste. If you love rustic decor, stack two crates in the corner of your bathroom. If modern is more your style, a couple of thin metal racks placed beside each other would be a great option. Use your rack for storing extra towels and toiletries.
  • Decorate your bathroom with a patterned shower curtain matching your decor. Further enhance your bathroom by decorating it with towels, throw rugs, and accessories that coordinate with your shower curtain.

Please contact us to share the apartment living tips you used for adding the finishing touches to your bathroom. .

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