3 Freezer Upkeep Tips That Can Extend the Life of Your Food

December 28, 2016


Do you have leftovers from last nights meal or last weeks family gathering? Are you tired of putting your food in the freezer for it to only end up being wasted? There are a few things you can do to extend the life of the food in your freezer. Look at three ways you can ensure your food lasts longer while stored in the freezer.

  1. Clean your freezer and refrigerator twice a year. Remove everything and wipe clean with dish soap and warm water, then dry and clean the rim of the doors.
  2. Vacuum the condenser coils once a year. Dust accumulates and prevents the engine from running smoothly.
  3. Maintain a proper temperature. Zero degrees Fahrenheit is an ideal temperature. Check to make sure that the seal around the door is sealed tight, and no cool air is getting out.

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