Organizing Your Kitchen

March 5, 2016

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Even though apartment kitchens may be smaller than the average household, there are still practical ways that you can organize the space in your kitchen to get the best usage out of it. Taking the time to organize your kitchen can open up room for you to host more parties, as well as open up space so that more than one person can cook at a time.

First, designate certain areas of your kitchen as activity zones, so that baking, or food prep all has its own space. Go through each area and toss what does not belong or is no longer used.  Old cups bent cooking utensils or chipped glasses should be tossed.

Clean out cabinets so that items are either placed in areas designated by use, which also goes for small appliances that are stuffed in cupboards.  Separate the dishes from the canned goods or seasonings.  If you have new storage space opened up, make certain you have a list on the inside door as to what is inside each one.

Your countertop is an excellent location for storage as well as for daily use.  Canisters and baskets can store items and be used as decoration as well.  Counter bin organizers can be used for storing food, towels and even bread products. Also, consider mounting wire shelves and racks on your kitchen door.

Use a few of these handy tips to open up space in your kitchen. Trust me, after using a few of these tips, your kitchen at River’s Edge is sure to become more open and airy in no time.

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