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The River’s Edge Urban Garden is Open!

September 2, 2015


After a year of planning, the much anticipated Community Urban Garden opened on August 29, 2015 in the West Courtyard. Residents who rented a plot, or who were interested in renting a plot, were welcomed to the West Courtyard to partake in an interactive educational gardening session hosted by Terra Cura, Inc., a collaborative company focused on sustainable gardening practices.

Terra Cura, Inc. also brought several varieties of plants for residents to purchase for their planter boxes, such as; arugula, various lettuce varieties, bok choy, dill, cilantro, basil, parsley, carrots, spinach, and kale. Residents who rented plots were assisted by the Terra Cura team in filling their planter boxes with their selected plants. The Management box was planted with help from Ronald from Terra Cura, as well as Alesha from the office (we’re pretty sure we’re going to have to start a roadside carrot stand with how many we planted). Residents who were still on the fence about renting a box looked on as Terra Cura explained how to properly remove young plants from their transplant pots, and enjoyed viewing the new addition to the West Courtyard.

Terra Cura plans to visit River’s Edge one last time before the growing season ends to discuss harvesting, overwintering, and how to prepare the planter boxes for the spring. If any residents are interested in learning more about the Community Urban Garden, feel free to stop by the leasing office. We have 4 beds left, and there is still enough time to plant a cold weather garden! The boxes rent for $100 per year, and the rental term ends on the same day as the resident’s lease agreement.

We are excited to watch the newly planted veggies and herbs grow during the next couple of months! Thank you again to the team at Terra Cura, Inc., you did a spectacular job!



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